This is my second time I used Excellent Choice. On my first visit, 2 years ago, my right arm just hung and was useless for doing anything.  It was put in a shoulder sling. It took time to repair the arm, but the therapist did a good job. I was able to pick up my grandson and hold him again (He is 20 pounds).

This time around, my right arm had a shooting pain on several occasions and the shoulder began to hurt. So I decided PT was my first choice before going to an orthopedist. While having PT work done on the right shoulder for a pinched nerve, I hurt the left one and the therapist worked on both to get me back to normal.

I like the fact that you can make your appointments around your schedule and get therapy at times when I’m available and not when the office give you.  I work in the city and I never left work early to make an appointment. Everyone is friendly and helpful when I came for my therapy. Also insurance coverage was never a problem.

– Jean W.

My daughter Jessica injured her knee a month ago. She was in a lot of pain and couldn’t do any of her activities. She was involved in cheer and gymnastics. The Dr said she bruised her knee and it was very swollen. She could not bend it or put any pressure on it. She was using crutches.

Her Dr. recommended she start physical therapy. So when we started Excellent Choice, she was evaluated and started working towards getting her knee stronger so she can return to cheer and gymnastics. The staff here worked with Jessica to strengthen her knee and range of motion. They are very kind and knowledgeable in their practice. My daughter’s knee is much better and stronger. She is now ready to go back to her activities, cheer and gymnastics.

– Jessica G.

Approximately 4 weeks ago, I came off the golf course in pain (lower back).  I could not bend at first visit with Brett Logue PT. He diagnosed me and told me that I have a tilted pelvis.

He straightened my pelvis and worked on my lower back and I had great improvement in mobility and my pain diminished within 10 days to 2 weeks. My pain was almost gone and now 4 weeks later, I am feeling better than I have in years.

– John K.

I have been to Excellent Choice Physical Therapy for two separate problems ( one for the neck and the other for my knee) and I would recommend to my friends who need a physical therapist to go to Excellent Choice.

Both times that I have been there, my problems have been taken care of and I am now able to do the things that I was having a hard time doing before therapy.

The staff is very friendly and helpful.

– Kathleen D.

Thank you for helping me recover from an unexpected surgery!  Your professionalism, compassion and steady focus on the physical therapy treatment process have greatly improved my mobility.

The team spirit generated by all staff (Debbie, Vanessa, Victoria, Eileen, Brett Logue PT and Jason Ury PT), my ability to receive care in a private comfortable space and the personalized quality care made a significant difference.

What was impressive was your team effort to focus on the patient and provide an excellent PT care model that puts the patient at the center of the care.

– Victor A.

I was in severe pain and had limited flexibility. I could not bend down and could not get out of bed. At  certain angles, my lower back and right butt cheek would hurt.

After starting physical therapy here, I felt instant relief and continuous progress.  My back has gotten better. My flexibility has increased and I am able  to do a lot more than before.

– Jaspreet B.

As a result of my physical therapy here at Excellent Choice, I am now able to:

  • Easily get in and out of my car
  • Put on my stockings and trim my toenails with less effort.
  • Take longer strides when walking
  • Squat more when picking things up off the floor
  • Improved my balance
  • Practice the exercises I was taught and hopefully continue to maintain my gains.

Basically I feel 10 yrs younger

– Edith L.

When I first came in for therapy for my back pain, I could hardly stand to walk. As my visits continued I was able to get relief sooner than I thought.

Also I found how important it was  to continue my exercises at home. Between the two, I feel like I can function every day.

Thank you so much!

– Denise B.

I had surgery on my knee and other problems in the area.  The pain was a lot for me.   I started physical therapy a week later. I had trouble walking was using a cane and taking anti-inflammatory.

All the staff members at Excellent Choice PT were good to me. They treated me well and gave me confidence because I was afraid to do things. Now I am walking much better.  I feel much better overall. All the things I did here helped me out. Now I can walk a mile and climb the stairs pain free!

– Blanca F.

I had limited movement with my right shoulder. After just one session, I felt improvement.  By the fourth visit, I had most of my range of motion back.

I can lift my right arm over my head and reach back with little to no discomfort.  The rehab process took less time than I expected.

The front desk and therapist were friendly and patient. All my questions were answered and all my concerns were addressed.

– Aneida L.

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