What is WorkSTEPS® and why would my business use WorkSTEPS®?

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Excellent Choice Physical Therapy can assist you in expediting rehabilitation and return your employees to full work duty after a legitimate injury and/or non-work related injury with confidence the worker will not be re-injured if returned safely to a job they are capable of performing.

Excellent Choice Physical Therapy is prepared and equipped to assist you in implementing individualized Corporate Wellness Programs.

Reduce insurance costs and lost time by using pre-hire employment testing

  • Job Site Assessments
  • Ergonomic Screens & Recommendations
  • State of the Art Post-Injury Rehab
  • For mild to severe injuries
  • Certified WorkSTEPS® Functional Capacity Evaluations for Return to Work or Disability Assessment

Reduce Employee Turn-Over

  • Each employee takes the equivalent of 18 months of their salary to replace and train a new employee replacement!
  • If you hire the right employee you can avoid this risk.

WorkSTEPS® Employment Testing Systems

  • Identifies persons who have pre-existing conditions, degenerative or cumulative trauma disorders.
  • Identifies persons who did not meet specific strength and/or aerobic requirements.
  • Assists employers in appropriately matching current and new employees safe/appropriate job positions.
  • Collects baseline physical measurements for comparative analysis post-injury or trauma.
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