Fast pain relief for lower back, arthritis, chronic pain and more.

Arthritis Relief


Whether you have rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, joint replacement, or just temporary inflammation, we can stop the pain without drugs, side-effects, or invasive procedures. You will be empowered with our “Patient Empowerment Kit”. Our patients love it!



Neck, Elbow, Ankle, Lower-Back, and more… Sprains/strains can turn into something worse if not managed properly and resolved quickly. The inflammation can go deep into the tendon (or muscle) sheath resulting in chronic pain. Don’t wait, get help today.

Nerve & Disc Problems


Sciatica, Disc, Stenosis, Peripheral Neuropathy or more… We can help. We are experts in relieving pain all-naturally from nerve problems. You owe it to yourself. Get an exam for only $79, includes a FREE 30-min massage* upon activation of our program. *Activation into one of our pain relief programs required for the free massage.


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Here at Excellent Choice Physical Therapy, our fun and energetic team is dedicated to creating and providing a comfortable and caring environment. Our mission is to provide compassionate, personalized, and revolutionary treatments that help our patients regain function by decreasing pain and improving strength and confidence. We first work to understand our patient’s history and individual needs, and then work together with them to maximize results, ensuring a safe and quick return to a high quality of life.

We specialize in providing revolutionary treatment programs to get our patients better as quickly as possible. We can help if you are; limited by pain, injury or discomfort. Our facilities, expertise, and commitment will help restore the quality of life you desire faster and better than any other clinic.

Don’t put it off. The longer you wait the more serious your problem may become.
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“I had herniated two disks in my back, Lino Chuang set up a comprehensive program of physical therapy and therapeutic massage. Excellent Choice treated me thoroughly but in a relaxed manner. I received one-to-one, constant supervision. As I now finish the treatments, the therapy has strengthened my back, and I am virtually pain free.” - Karen Hammond


“The name says it all. Excellent Choice truly is an excellent choice if you are seeking quality physical therapy. Over the past twenty years, I have used dozens physical therapists to teat my degenerative disc disease with arthritis. Most Therapy centers dealt with me as if I were passing through an assembly line. They rushed me to fit their schedule. At Excellent Choice, I never felt rushed, and Lino Chuang developed a program tailored to my individual needs. The therapists attentively supervised my progress on state-of-the-art equipment. We never finished a session until we agreed that I had accomplished my goals. I highly recommend Excellent Choice.” – Donald knight


“I’ve gained full use of both arms; my experience at excellent choice was excellent. I was treated with professionalism, courtesy and caring.” -Barry Katzen


“Not only did the pain go away but I also gained improved strength and overall vitality. I highly recommend this group! They are doing what they were born to do!” - Ron Stewart


“Physical Therapy has been very successful in giving me full use of my arm again. The treatments and exercises I was given to do at home have healed the spur and returned my arm to full function. Thank you Lino.” – Lilian Caruana


“The staff was very easy to work with. They did a wonderful job with my neck and shoulder. I would recommend patients to come to this office for treatment.” - Fernando Diaz


“Now I feel great. Thank you for all of your support! I have no pain!” - Angela Barbosa



1) What To Wear
You’ll need to expose the body part that is effected (knee, shoulder, back, etc.) Loose fitting apparel such as sweats and t-shirt are ideal, otherwise you may have to use a gown.
2) What To Expect
Be prepared to undergo a complete physical exam on your first visit. It may take between 45-60 minutes for the entire visit.
3) Treatments & Terminology
* Asterisked procedures require a high skill level.
Joint Mobilization* – The application of movement and force to a joint for the purpose of increasing motion and range. Can be used to reduce pain. Sometimes discomfort may accompany the procedure.
Soft-Tissue Massage – The application of movement and force to muscles, ligaments, nerves or other soft-tissue for the purpose of promoting healing and normalization. Can be used to reduce pain. Sometimes discomfort may accompany the procedure.
Pressure-Point Release – In this procedure the therapist or clinical assistant searches for muscles that are actively in spasm or causing pain. They then push on the muscle for 1-2 minutes. Initially it will cause soreness but should diminish steadily. This helps to normalize the muscles in that area.
Therapeutic Exercises – Strengthening and balancing the muscles around your joints are essential for good movement, stability and pain relief. Physical therapists are the leading experts in helping those with pain, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and heart disease get fit and strong safely.
4) Payment/Insurances
The office should be open in discussing prices and costs with you. The last thing you want is an unexpected bill later. If you intend to use your insurance, call the number on your card and verify your deductible and coinsurance before your first visit. Absent financial hardship, you will be required to pay these amounts.

” I was extremely pleased with my care at Excellent Choice. Lino Chuang customized a therapy plan for me that addressed my specific recovery needs. The entire staff constantly demonstrated nurturing, professional care.”

Lynne Cocker Lynne Cocker

Prior Patient